Fight Relentlesley: The One Thing I Need to Keep Going

As a good friend and accountability partner recently reminded me—this is not my first attempt at fitness.

A common case—as I’ve learned from the PCOS community on social media—is that women with this condition get exhausted and often give-up because of how hard it can be to see results, especially when we don’t address and treat our symptoms properly. I am absolutely guilty of this. 

As structured as I can be in other aspects of my life, no motivational cliché is more applicable than “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is truer than I care to admit. PCOS or no, when we we don’t actively plan out our goals, we don’t see results, and when we don’t see results, we get frustrated. Quitting becomes a viable option because you think, “If I can’t see the difference, then what’s the point?”

The point is this: you do not wake-up one morning and magically reach your goals. You cannot buy your health. You cannot cheat your health. You can get plastic surgery and try to look the part, but there is no machine that will strengthen your heart and muscles for you. Obviously. But I’m spelling this out—not because I find myself qualified to be your coach or guide through this—but because I am in the dirt trying to muscle through this just as much as the next person right now—because I want to be able to KNOW this, FEEL this, and read this in my own voice on days I forget.  We have to keep going. 

When I first shared my journey with PCOS, I mentioned that so much of my day-to-day comprises of actively making decisions that reflect my desire for wellness and choosing to love myself. The farther along I trek, I see how my journey towards better health and wellness is tremendously linked with my mission to better love myself.

Again, PCOS or no, this doesn’t happen overnight, and I do not magically wake-up every day feeling motivated. At this point in my journey, I can’t dig deep enough to give you a blog entitled “3 Actionable Ways to Move Past Feelings of Insecurities and Mental Roadblocks.” I’m not there yet. What I can say, is that I wish I sooner realized I had to genuinely love myself for this to work. Love in action, not just in words. 

You cannot take proper care of something you do not love. Taking care of something you do not love ardently is…well, arduous. I’ve sat and hosted many a pity-party for myself, and I’ve pointed fingers and blamed myself countless times. But I eventually realized that if I don't woman-up, put my big-girl panties on and stop hating myself for letting my health snowball so far downhill, I will never be able to commit to the plans I’ve made, and I will never achieve wellness. My body deserves it. My body deserves to be loved by me. I do not have to wait until I look a certain way to do that. My body has done a lot for me, and it deserves to be loved now.