Fight Relentlesley: My Throwback Reality Check

Happy #throwbackthursday and special shoutout to the out of breath, could-hardly-make-it ~280lb girl in this photo.

This was taken a little over a year ago, but I will never forget this hike because as much as I loved hiking and the beach, going up the incline on Torrey Pines was a HUGE reality check on my health. The 1 mi.> walk from the parking lot alone winded me, so by the time we were headed-up, I had to take a break to catch my breath. I was frustrated. I was embarrassed. I was amazed by the power-walking yoga moms who were passing me up while pushing their kiddos in strollers! When my best friend took this photo and sent it to me, a huge part of me hated it because at the time, I hated who I was. I basically swore to myself that this photo would never see the light of day. Yes, I know I can be dramatic.

What's changed my mind about this photo is I am just so damn thankful for the moment I had looking out into that ocean. The girl in this photo made a decision to never stay that girl. I am guilty of being my harshest critic. There is no internet troll that could rival my self-deprecating humor. But I'm learning that has to stop. My body, as imperfect as it is now, and will seemingly always be (because whose body is really perfect?), has done so much for me.

I have run this quote into the ground over the years, but I love it so much because it's applicable to SO many aspects of life:

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." --Maya Angelou